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Still Selling Out Mothers and Babies:
Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes in the USA

The updated US Country report, published in 2007 for the 25th anniversary of the Code, demonstrates continued Code violations.
68 pages
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Selling Out Mothers and Babies:
Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes in the USA

This is the US country report from the original international Code monitoring project. Code violations and unethical marketing practices are exposed through the use of full color photos and 190 references. For the first time in the US, Code violations were documented and recorded for validating the need to work towards Code implementation.
106 pages
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Executive Summary of Selling Out Mothers and Babies

Code violations are summarized in a succinct format making this document perfect for distribution to legislators, policy makers, hospital administrators and staff, breastfeeding task forces and coalitions, workshops and conferences, and for all breastfeeding advocates. A separate reproducible sheet is included detailing specific strategies for action to eliminate the unethical marketing practices of the formula companies.
8 pages
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Publications on Infant Formula Issues

Advocates are realizing the need for access to information on infant formula that can be used to help policy makers, institutions, and colleagues understand that infant formula is not equivalent to human milk. These publications look at the potential side effects and adverse health outcomes when infant formula is substituted for human milk. The following documents are freely downloadable for your use.


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